Did you fall in love with Sardinia as I did? I can promise you that you do not want to go to the Caribbean once you have explored the bays of Sardinia.

Forgett everything else! The beach of Porto Guinco is actually referred as the Caribbean of Sardinia, as we find. Even if you’re a reader of travel blogs I bet you’re surely spoiled with pictures of such wonderful destinations – we found this place very special. And we would like to show you that it is not necessarily to travel to the real Caribbean. Sardinia is certainly not a general recommendation for a small budget, from the very expensive Costa Smeralda on the east coast of Sardinia for example. However, in Sardinia you can have a great time in low cost areas. We have been sleeping in our car and traveled from bay to bay and enjoyed all activities there with all kinds of different people.

Here are our pictures from Sardinia.

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