Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Malta, the Mediterranean Pearl
While our colleague Andy was in Malta last year he was able to convince himself of the beauty of the island. With its varied coastline of sandy beaches, exciting cliffs and small coves, Malta is particularly popular as a bathing destination. Along with the abundance of history, rich nightlife and short flight time, the island is a top destination for a short break in 2017.

Madeira, the flower island
It’s more than just a beach holiday that awaits you in Madeira. The island is, of course, famous for its beautiful landscape. This is why it is particularly popular with nature lovers and hikers. But the wide views from the fabulous, wild cliffs fascinate everyone. Because you can forget the everyday life. _ Tips for your next hike in Madeira you can get here. Afterwards you should not miss the traditional basket-sleigh ride, for example through the busy island capital, Funchal. Furthermore, the year-round climate makes the island a holiday paradise for all seasons.

Iceland, the wild beauty
In just a few flying hours you will reach the exciting wilderness of Iceland. The fascinating island has already grown to my heart in spring 2016. Especially the beautiful polar lights, the lonely expanses and the rushing waterfalls remain in memory. They make Iceland a real natural paradise. Here you can read more about my experiences on the island. Due to the special landscape, Iceland has already been featured in many films. It was particularly well-known by the successful series “Game of Thrones”. But also the sympathetic participation of the Icelanders in the football EM last year, gave the island great popularity. That is why you should take advantage of the opportunity to get to know this beautiful island in 2017.

Sri Lanka, pure exoticism
If you are suffering from wanderlust, you should visit Sri Lanka. Because the island in the Indian Ocean will satisfy your wanderlust! At tropical temperatures you will find mystical temples and a diverse landscape full of jungles, fine sandy beaches and fragrant tea plantations. This trip promises pure exoticism. Our colleague, Jacqueline, was particularly enthusiastic about the nature such as the Adams Peak (during the daytime, traveling up at night and enjoying the sunrise) and the Horton Plain National Park (dense forests full of biodiversity). Due to the variety, she recommends to take the many corners by train. In addition, you should go on the spot with a tuk tuk (the drivers usually have a lot of exciting to tell) or individually with the scooter on discovery tour. Moreover, English is the official language of the country, which facilitates communication. _ All our offers for Sri Lanka can be found here.

Canada, the natural paradise
Canada is like no other country for adventure and freedom. This is why it is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. Especially in Germans, the second largest country on earth is very popular every year. Whether snow-capped peaks, vast plains, glacial lakes, cute villages or modern cities – Canada is truly spectacular. Due to this versatility of the country and its size, it is advisable to rent a car with a rental car. So you get a good insight into the different corners. Our colleague, Arndt, was already drawn into the wide country some time ago. His recommendation: The Metropolis Vancouver. Its unique location makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Especially this year is worth a visit. On the occasion of its 150th birthday, the government gives visitors free admission to all 44 national parks and 168 historic sights.

Porto, the architectural space
In a city trip in Portugal you often think of Lisbon. The little sister Porto is also worth a visit in 2017. Whether baroque, beautiful facades or delicious streetfood, the city will captivate you. The old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is only the icing on the cake in this culturally valuable city. Our blogger Miriam was enthusiastic about the “baroque city”.

Venice, the city classic
Venice is also a popular destination for spa breaks. On the other hand, the old town is full of romantic architecture, old buildings and pretty bridges. On the other hand, it is worth visiting this year especially because of the events. For the notorious carnival (18 – 28.02.17) and the important art fair La Biennale (13.05.-26.11.17), which takes place every two years, are only two of the many highlights in 2017.

Cuba, the bathing paradise
Ever since the easing of entry conditions for US citizens, Cuba has become more popular than ever. No wonder, because like no other destination, Cuba stands for the authentic Caribbean feeling. Sun-worshipers are warmly welcomed by year-round temperatures and more than 600 beaches. Underwater you can expect beautiful, large coral reefs. A change for water sportsmen is guaranteed.
Our colleague Rike was only recently in Cuba, she recommends that you get to know the country on a round trip. Colonial cities such as Havana and Trinidad are just as missing as a visit to one of the beautiful national parks.

Seychelles, the dream islands
115 fantastic islands await you in the Indian Ocean, each island is a tropical paradise. There you can enjoy seclusion in dreamy villages and on secluded beaches. So it is not surprising that the white dream beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. So off to the beach. This guarantees relaxation! But if you are looking for something a little more active then there is plenty to do; diving, surfing, sailing and these are just a few. Since almost half of the country is protected by nature, you should absolutely go hiking. This is how you get to know the exotic side of the Seychelles. Also our colleague Johann was enthusiastic about the islands. He was especially fascinated by the great diversity of species. He photographed the giant turtles for us, the Seychelles’ trademark.

Dubai, the vibrant metropolis
If you are a fan of urban dice, Dubai 2017 should be on your list. After all, Dubai is the city of superlatives. Not least because of its modern skyscrapers, chic hotels and the luxurious shopping centre that characterise the cityscape. Therefore, this makes the metropolis particularly suitable for shopping and sunbathing. But there is also no lack of action. Aquaparks, sandboarding, skydiving and much more await you. Recently our Frederik visited, he recommends using a stopover for a small spa trip, so you get a good first insight into the Arabian metropolis.

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